Remain - The Beast With Two Backs

CLOUDED 008 –Remain – The Beast With Two Backs EP
Track list:
1. The Beast With Two Backs (Original)
2. The Beast With Two Backs (Lukas (UK) Remix)
3. The Beast With Two Backs (Franz Underwear Remix)
4. The Beast With Two Backs (DC Salas Remix)
Composed & arranged by Romain Rouffiac, 2012, All Rights Reserved.
An early summer of 2012 release from the owner of Parisian label, MEANT.
Remain has become a close friend of mine since I discovered his work on his label about two years ago. He has more recently appeared on Throne of Blood, My Favorite Robot and soon to be Ideal Audio.
The Beast has the now distinctive sound of Clouded Vision, a track that is hard to put into a genre on Beatport, a slow, sex-disco track with the repeating vocal “Test”.
Remixes come firstly from Bristol’s Lukas, one of the main artists from the ultra hyped Futureboogie. His version of production partner Christophe’s “The Force” became one of my Top 10 most played records of last year, so I was desperate to get him on the label. It’s the most clear-cut house record of the mixes, but still with an edge to it that I love about his work.
Secondly owner of Italy’s “Slow Motion Records” Franz Underwear lays down a driving analogue disco groove on The Beast. Franz’s track on World Unknown last year titled Grauzone was another of my festival favourites and I was honoured when he agreed to do the mix.
Lastly is my tip for 2013, Belgian youngster DC Salas. He is also one half of Polar, who earlier this year released an excellent EP on Tim Paris’s Marketing Music. His mix has a relentless bass line and reverb-riddled breakdown that comes back to get you not just once, but twice. It has been a staple late night track for me over the last few months alongside his excellent “Gimme” on Petfood. Watch out for more original material from him on CV later in the year.
Matt Walsh.
Release Date: 21st May 2012

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