MARI POSA - Royaume A Stockholm (Mike Simonetti Remix)

MARI POSA - Royaume A Stockholm (Mike Simonetti Remix) by Mari Posa
Listen to the entire Royaume A Stockholm EP on Facebook:
Release date 21th november
Royaume A Stockholm
Morning Sky
Royaume A Stockholm (Mike Simonetti remix)
Royaume A Stockholm (Mike Simonetti - M+C tribal dub remix)
Artwork: KIM aka Florence Lucas

Unknown - Abataka (Graz Edit)

found this great African jam. shortened it and re jiggled the intro and outro etc.

Abataka (Graz Edit)

Pional - T.A.M.B. (John Talabot's Sunset Edit)

7HVN2 A Side. Especially pressed for "Nit D'Hivern #2".

Pional - T.A.M.B. (John Talabot's Sunset Edit) by Hivern Discs

Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson 'C'mon (You Can Get It)' [free download]

Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson 'C'mon (You Can Get It)' by gregwilson
116 bpm
Previously limited vinyl only 2009.
This was the lead track from the second TDJ 12”, ‘More From The Teenage Disco Vaults’. It was included on the ‘First Time In NYC @ APT’ mix, from back in 2005, which I uploaded here as exclusive content last week. Like all the Teenage DJ tracks it’s built around combinations of loops, in this case the three main ingredients are taken from three different decades – Dusty Springfield from the 60’s, Instant Funk from the 70’s and Yello from the 80’s.
More about the Teenage DJ origins here: Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson ' I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1 (extended)' by gregwilson/

Moullinex & Xinobi - X Marks The Spot (Original Version)

First collaboration track with my mega-pal Moullinex in years!
Voodoo disco for your pleasure.

Check the full release, with remixes from The Glimmers and Drop Out Orchestra here:
DT666 - Moullinex & Xinobi - X Marks The Spot by Discotexas/
Moullinex & Xinobi - X Marks The Spot (Original Version) by XINOBI
Released by: Discotexas
Release/catalogue number: DT666
Release date: Oct 31, 2011


Slow-disco tune,  to start in the best mood an Italo week! [FREE WAV DOWNLOAD]
Please! don't touch yourself!



If this Halloween weekend wasn't enough for ya, come hang out this Friday night at Urban Club - Perugia for another rendition of ItaloItalians. This month, residents FabMayDay e Lorenzo Lavoratori  will be joined by Drop Out Orchestra, disco addicted from Danemark.

It should be another great night, keep an eye on the facebook event for more info.

I hope to see everyone out!
Mix Session October 2011 by Drop Out Orchestra


What’s the meaning of Drop Out Orchstra? Why did you choose this name for your project?
It's a statement. We've decided not to take part in the usual dance music industry B-S, we only play music we like and remix songs we love. We're industry dropouts.

Which are your plans for the future? Have you got any new upcoming releases, remixes? Tour, etc. ?

We're currently travelling around Europe, enjoying every minute of it. "It Will Never Be The Same Again", a new original from us, is out October 24th on Eskimo Records as part of Aeroplane's "In Flight Entertainment" compilation. We also have a 12" of edits and reworks out early November.

Did you already play in Italy? What is it that you like about our country?

No not yet! Milano on Saturday will be our first gig in Italy, then we're playing Rome and Perugia soon. Can't wait to sample some authentic italian food.

Which are the Italian artists that you know and like?

Well... how long have you got? I started buying disco records in the early 80s, and almost every one was italian. Today I'm very impressed with people like Ajello, The Heels of Love and a recent discovey - Rambla Boys.

Who is your favourite dj of all the time?

Oh that's tough. If you ask me about someone I heard recently that's a lot easier - Solomun is by far the best DJ I've heard this year.
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