Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson 'C'mon (You Can Get It)' [free download]

Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson 'C'mon (You Can Get It)' by gregwilson
116 bpm
Previously limited vinyl only 2009.
This was the lead track from the second TDJ 12”, ‘More From The Teenage Disco Vaults’. It was included on the ‘First Time In NYC @ APT’ mix, from back in 2005, which I uploaded here as exclusive content last week. Like all the Teenage DJ tracks it’s built around combinations of loops, in this case the three main ingredients are taken from three different decades – Dusty Springfield from the 60’s, Instant Funk from the 70’s and Yello from the 80’s.
More about the Teenage DJ origins here: Teenage DJ aka Greg Wilson ' I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1 (extended)' by gregwilson/

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