Brioski - Last Day Here EP

As a follow up to the last years “Radio Anatomy” we're excited to present the ‘Last Day Here EP' by Brioski. It's a stellar effort from the talented Italian and we're all feeling that he's really come into his own with this one.
Brioski's inspiration spans Hiphop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Chicago House & Techno, edging towards Balearic / psychedelic atmospheres with deep percussive roots and old-school tendencies. Combine this with some Italian originality and a love for vintage gear and you're halfway there.
On title track 'Last Day Here,' the BPM is reined in, the grooves are smooth and the vibe is cool, collected and carried out with focus and intent. It features sultry vocals from Andrea Noce and layers or hazy analog synth over thumping electric bass guitar.
On the remix duty we head to the UK for the Lusty Zanzibar who goes for the nu-disco synth jugular. Two Russian producers also feature on this six track release. Sportloto takes a trip back to the 80’s with his Juno remix, very 1987.
Unclepasha, the king of overloading influences (but somehow making them all work) is next with his big re-rub. Bass slides, tinker piano, overloaded reverbs.. they are all there. Finally back to the UK with a dark, housey and very cool Demi remix.
Stay tuned for Brioskis debut album later on in the year from Nang Towers.
Released by: Nang Records 
Release date: Apr 30, 2012 

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