Blende March 2012 - Edits Edition

Blende March 2012 - Edits Edition by blende

This March mix is slightly different to my previous monthly mixes. Instead of putting promos & new tracks on it I've gone completely retro. 10 tracks I've edited, retweaked, shuffled, beefed up and somewhat ruined for you all to enjoy. Some of these I've made for myself for when I play out in clubs and some of them just specially for this mix. A mix of disco, soul, pop and italo tunes from the 70s and 80s; some well known ones, a couple of more obscure tracks and also one or two slightly guilty pleasures, but all updated and modernised for the future. Which is now. not now, but......
Blog it, stream it, compare it to the original song versions, download it for your iPod or play it to your friends..
Also, as a bonus I'll be sharing a series of selected tracks from this mix and other edits I've done in the near future, so keep tuning in for those on
Tracklist as follows
Steel Mind - Bad Passion (Blende Edit)
The Disco Connection - Rock Your Baby (Blende Edit)
Milton Wright - Friends & Buddies (Blende Disco Edit)
Hashim feat. Jai Sims - I Don't Need Your Love (Blende Edit)
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Blende's Much Better Than An Edit)
Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection (Blende Edit)
Blondie - Heart of Glass (Blende Edit)
Prince - Controversy (Blende Italo Edit)
Shah - Serenade (Blende Intro Edit)
Telex - Rendez Vous Dans l'Espace (Blende Edit)

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