You've got three reasons to be part of the italo italians family this week: First of all because it's a lifestyle; second because we give to our fans the possibility to read a long interview and a super mix donwlowable on our blog by Mustang; and third, for all those who are still not satisfied, we are inviting you this Friday @ Urban Club, for an epochal night where you'll dance with our Danish darlings.

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Mustang september 11 mixtape by Mustang (Official)

·       What’s the meaning of Mustang? Why did you choose this name for your project?
In fact, there’s no real meaning… We are not especially cars lovers (ok, a Mustang is a great car and I’d love to have one but…) the same for horse riding, it is not really our thing (especially Renaud, who had some bad experiences with horses…)

When we were looking for a name (hardest period in our life !), after some ridiculous and not so fancy ideas, Renaud woke up with “Mustang” on his mind… It was like a revelation. We talked about this together and Andy said “I had the same vision last night”… and we don’t eat magic-mushrooms : ) 

Sincerely, I always feared answering that question. 

·      Which are your plans for the future? Have you got any new upcoming releases, remixes? Tour, etc. ?

Our forthcoming EP called « Shooting Love » will be released on Different Recordings, the 17th of October with a Jeremy Glenn and a Black Strobe remix. 

During the summer we remixed a track for Arnaud Rebotini who will be out in September on K7 ! Records, equal for Crystal Fighters « Champion Sound » who will be released around the end of October trough Different Recordings, our previous label. We’re very excited about these releases because the crowd reaction is huge when we play them out! 

Regarding tours & dates, we have some gigs planned in Switzerland, France, Denmark, Lebanon, Italia, U.K… We will not be in our home town Brussels a lot in the next coming months…

·      Did you already play in Italy? What is it that you like about our country?

Yes, our first gig outside Belgium was in Italy ! We played in Torino. We also had a great gig some months ago in Bressanone.  That was an exceptional night, the crowd we met in Italy was always super friendly and very reactive ! Both of us are two big Italian food lovers and Renaud spended loads of his holiday’s in Italy before … A true love story : ) 

Looking forward to come back !

·      Which are the Italian artists that you know and like?

Lucio Battisti is our Italian idol !!! But we are also impresses by the talent of Giorgio. On the new scène, we love Rodion and his analog sound. And a spécial mention for our friends Severino Panzetta from Horse Meat Disco and Stephen « The Magician »,  both one of the best dj’s on earth  who have Italian blood in there veins ! 

·      Who is your favourite dj of all the time? 

Wow, it’s very hard to choose one ! But probably Erol Alkan is one of the best, as he can play anything and always turns the dance floor upside down

Wild Boys from harry alexopoulos on Vimeo.

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