5 questions with Cassian

Cassian Likes What Europe's Doing Mix by cassian
This Wednesday the Italo Italians crew will host the australian talent Cassian, that is touring Europe with his last Ep I Like What You're Doing

Is this The first time you come to' play in italy? What is it that you like about our country?
I actually came last year to play in Napoli! My favourite thing about Italy is Italians! You guys make the best food, the best cars and the weather is similar to back home.
Which Are The italian artists that you listen to or that inspire you?
I'm a huge fan of Riva Starr & Mowgli. I also listen to a lot of Broke One & Fare Soldi

Which are your plans for the future?
My "I Like What You're Doing" EP just came out but I'm always working on more music! I'm working on a new EP with Shazam, look out for Country Club!

Who is your favorite dj? And why?
Hard question! There are too many awesome djs!

We look foward to having you in Perugia! See you soon

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