Tusk Mix for Italo Italians

Tusk Wax gave us this gift, an hour of Italo and Disco Tunes, between classics and rarities. A live mix only with his precious vinyls.
All Tusk Wax records are hand stamped with ink made from the ground up tusks of unicorns and sperm whales. Only Vynil only hand numbered.
For more informations: www.facebook.com/tuskwax
Tusk Wax

Nassau - Chillin' balearic zibaldone [mixtape]

Nassau is a side project of a thin old italian man - a so called disc jockey since 1984 - happy to return in a quiet 'rotation per minute way' after years of 130's slots; a sort of homecoming to late 70es/early 80es when we driven at 120 while radio stations and early discos played everything from Greg Kihn Band to Chic, early Simple Minds together with Monsoon and Skatt Brothers, Ian Dury, F.lli La Bionda and Kiss. Nassau was heartbroken by Hacienda and Cosmic Disco, and has no relationship with fluo stuff and rush hours. 
Nassau goes slowly, as when the sun goes down or the tide comes high. A mystical project where Salsa, Balearic Disco, Ambient, Tropicalism, Cosmic Music, Tablas, Trance and Afro Beat collides. 
Here a fresh and eclectic mixtape. Ready for the summer????

MME101 PROMO MIX#1 - Roger Suchard

Special promo mix made by Mister Roger Suchard for the release of the MME101.
100% Disco Boogie! Be quick it's limited to 100 downloads.

FabMayday - El Paesante

Following the space trip of "Do We have a Future?" here's the new Fab Mayday "El Paesante". Another voyage into the deepest darkest disco, obscure house. Remixed by Copycat & Martin Brodin, Browner aka Matt Brown and Heroismo. Cover by Alessandro Pantano.

Fab Mayday - Minnesota

Here's my last tune, Sampling Voice and Guitars from Bon Iver's Minnesota, playing some SH101 here's the new Fab's track on free download hope you like it! Mixed and mastered at Jap Perù by Federico Brizi.

A.N.D.Y. & Vicente - Traffic

As a kid A.N.D.Y. a.k.a. Andy Faisca didn’t have to think what he would like to be when he grew up... Music was and is the answer!
From a very early age this multi-instrumentalist was writing and making his own music. With a background of 70’s and 80’s disco, pop, hip hop and rock music Andy is a fanatic of all things past, turning them into music for the future. His love for the past is reflected in an almost religious use of old analogue gear, but also a general love for vintage stuff. At age 17 Andy discovered electronic music and started DJ’ing. He soon landed a residency at Brussels’ infamous Libertine Supersport club and his quest for a vintage personal sound hasn’t stopped since.
His first project called Mustang was born in 2009 with a debut E.P. on Gomma Recordings called ‘Chameleon Circus’. Prestigious remix assignments soon followed for Vitalic, Poni Hoax, Monarchy and many others. Recently he released the killer single ‘Shooting Love’ on Different Recordings, which has been remixed by Canadian house sensation Jeremy Glenn and by Black Strobe. Beginning of this year, he decided to start his proper solo project under his own name A.N.D.Y.
After remixes for Jupiter, The Supermen Lovers and Philosophy of Sound, A.N.D.Y. teamed with new producer Vicente for the recording of his debut single "Traffic". The Supermen Lovers and Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver were called in and delivered awesome remixes.
Released by: Discotexas 
Release/catalogue number: DT024
Release date: May 11, 2012 

Brioski - Last Day Here EP

As a follow up to the last years “Radio Anatomy” we're excited to present the ‘Last Day Here EP' by Brioski. It's a stellar effort from the talented Italian and we're all feeling that he's really come into his own with this one.
Brioski's inspiration spans Hiphop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Chicago House & Techno, edging towards Balearic / psychedelic atmospheres with deep percussive roots and old-school tendencies. Combine this with some Italian originality and a love for vintage gear and you're halfway there.
On title track 'Last Day Here,' the BPM is reined in, the grooves are smooth and the vibe is cool, collected and carried out with focus and intent. It features sultry vocals from Andrea Noce and layers or hazy analog synth over thumping electric bass guitar.
On the remix duty we head to the UK for the Lusty Zanzibar who goes for the nu-disco synth jugular. Two Russian producers also feature on this six track release. Sportloto takes a trip back to the 80’s with his Juno remix, very 1987.
Unclepasha, the king of overloading influences (but somehow making them all work) is next with his big re-rub. Bass slides, tinker piano, overloaded reverbs.. they are all there. Finally back to the UK with a dark, housey and very cool Demi remix.
Stay tuned for Brioskis debut album later on in the year from Nang Towers.
Released by: Nang Records 
Release date: Apr 30, 2012 
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